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Obstacles To Bible Interpretation 1

There Can be Obstacles to Bible Interpretation
Chapter 1 – some Internet Sources that might help you.

Three Categories one might put translations in.  They are:  1)  “Word for Word”   2)  Thought for Thought”  and 3) Paraphrase

At this site:  http://www.apbrown2.net/web/TranslationComparisonChart.htm

You would find the following three charts: 


On this site, there are various Bible Verses selected passages to provide an example of several translations.  i.e.:  Prov. 18:24, Ro. 3:25, 8:35-37 , Col.2:9-10


Following is the URL for another chart concerning the various types of translations.  This site has a table to show various translations, the Translation Method, the Translators, and Manuscripts or texts used.   The headings of the table is shown below:




Dynamic equivalence:  Emphasis on reproducing the functional meaning of the ancient words with freedom to rearrange the order of the words (syntax) in the target language.

Masoretic: The most widely used Hebrew text of the Old Testament.

Paraphrase: Emphasis is on expressing the meaning in contemporary language, with numerous additional words.

Textus Receptus:  “Received Text”; 1550 edition of the Greek NT used by most translators before 1900.

Verbal equivalence:  Emphasis is on reproducing the modern English equivalent of the ancient words, with tendency to use same word order as the ancient language.

In order to compare Bible Versions, the site:  http://www.compassdistributors.ca/topics/compare.htm  provides these two links that are worthwhile for more of an in-depth study:

Textual Choices and Bible Versions

Here is the URL:  http://www.compassdistributors.ca/topics/textchoi.htm

Dynamic Equivalency Examined

Here is the URL:  http://www.compassdistributors.ca/topics/dynamic.htm


To aid in comparing transitions one might use this site that has “bible study tools”  –  URL:  http://www.biblestudytools.com/genesis/3-1-compare.html

Here you can select a verse or verses and it will show it from various Bible Translations.


The topic to be continued….