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Monthly Archives: February 2016


Isaiah 30:22 (ESV) 22  Then you will defile your carved idols overlaid with silver and your gold-plated metal images. You will scatter them as unclean things. You will say to them, “Be gone!”   The Phrase of this discussion is: “You will scatter them as unclean things (H1739).”  The translation using “unclean things” leaves one […]

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A study in the word “alliance” used in Isaiah 30:1.  The translations replace the Hebrew word (massekah) H4541 – as ‘alliance’.  That is true, however, why did God react so strongly against them for their actions?   Remembering the 1st commandment it reveals God’s position on Idolatry and encompassing the first set of commandments that […]

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Righteous Vs. Good Romans 5:7  7  For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— In Romans 5:7 there is are two statements comparing a ‘righteous person’ and a ‘good person’ what one would do for each type of person.  Because the translation used […]

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Isaiah 28 alerted us to God’s “strange work” (28:21). Sometimes God seems to act out of character. Isaiah 29 now tells us more about his strange work—not his absurd work, not his hateful work, but his surprising methods with us.   Isaiah 29:1-8 (ESV) 1  Ah, Ariel, Ariel, the city where David encamped! Add year […]

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Isaiah 27:1-13 (ESV) 1  In that day the LORD with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea. 2  In that day, “A pleasant vineyard, sing of it! 3  I, the LORD, am its keeper; […]

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Worry – Worried – What does that word mean in the Greek? The word is found several times in this passage:   Matthew 6:25-34 (ESV) 25  “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. […]

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