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Monthly Archives: March 2016


The words of Jesus on the cross in John 19:30 “It is Finished!” may cause confusion as to what is meant without reviewing the actual Greek word definition(s).  The word carries a sense of “to be fully accomplished – be perfected”.  In reading the words “It is Finished” one would conclude that he is speaking […]

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Beware – What that word entails in the usage at Matthew 7:15 “Beware” in English:  verb  –  be cautious and alert to the dangers of: consumers were warned to beware of faulty packaging  –  synonyms: be on your guard, watch out, look out, be alert, be on the lookout, Matthew 7:15 (ESV) 15  “Beware (G4337 […]

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Why do word studies?   –  Use “Hand” as the word to study. Why the problem for translators to convert “Greek” or “Hebrew” into English?  In those languages, as in our language there is meanings to each word that is varied.  Take these phrases that use the common word “hand”: My hand is against you.  My […]

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