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Monthly Archives: November 2013


                                                                                                                        Name_______________________ GIVING THE EXCHANGE PRE-TEST Come and see the works of God…I will declare what He (has) done for my soul (Psalm 65:5, 16) o    C_______________________                                               I must turn the conversation to the ______of_______. o    1. Making Conversation o    2. _________/__________ Conversation o    How would you _____________________________ __________________________________________? o    Personal Testimony – He has […]

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The Testing of Your Faith – Part 2:  “Passing the Test of Faith” When we are under a test faith we need to remember that it was designed for our own good, and it is exactly what God has planned for us. It tests two main areas: 1 – What do I believe about God? […]

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Mid-Life-Crisis Here is a selection from the book:  “A Practical Study of Ecclesiastes:  The Mid-Life Crisis by Don Anderson”.     I’ve taken one chapter to give you an idea about the book.  This book may be obtained via the market place. I’ve placed links below to review and purchase if you want more.     I […]

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The Exchange  “How Would You Describe Your Relationship With God?” – Scriptures in the ESV translation… How would you describe your RELATIONSHIP with God?  – 100% Sure? What do you think it takes to have a relationship with God and live with Him forever in heaven? Are you 100% sure that all of your sins […]

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