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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Independence – Public Ridicule

Seventy-seven Irrefutable Truths of Marriage  a book written by  Keefauver, L. and Keefauver, J. (2002) (a book review)   Following are three of excerpts from the book.  1) Praying together often!   –  2) Never do public exposing or ridicule of your spouse!   3) What level of ‘independence’ is acceptable?   Public exposing your spouse or […]

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Clues of Danger

There are danger signs for us in a marriage!  Will we look for them?  What to look for:     Here are some of the clues to watch for: 1.      A couple that uses a public situation to cut each other down. 2.      A husband who uses his wife as the butt of his jokes. […]

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At times, when sick, loss of job, children situations, problems as work, stressful times, etc. – we may have need to seek ‘comfort’ – here are some scriptures that might help.   God’s comforting promise Jesus says at Matthew 28:20 (ESV) –“…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am […]

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Amos and Hosea

Amos and Hosea are two prophets to the nation of Isreal.  They are the only two writing prophets for the northern kingdom.  Following is a discussion to provide an introduction to Amos and Hosea.  The intent is to convey the background, the purpose of the message, and the outcome of each. AMOS Eighth-century b.c. writing […]

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Be Forgiving

How quick are we to forgive our brother or our spouse?  When we are on the receiving end of ‘forgiveness’ for something we have said or done do we remember the significance to ‘our well-being’ it was for us and our walk with God?  Remembering thus happening in our own lives is the important key […]

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