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Forgiveness Can Be Very HARD What is Forgiveness?  When is it Hard?  What role does that play in marriage? Purpose:  to provide something to think about.  Maul it over.  It will take time to wrestle with self over this… Some possible situations / scenarios: You have fought (Yes, I use this to indicate it was […]

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The Trinity Pastor P. Odle   – Site:  http://firstbaptistelyria.org/people/patrickodle/ Last Sunday gave an outstanding  discussion about the Trinity.  Far more of an in-depth discussion and proof  than I could re-write here.  I recommend you go to the Church Site and you can hear past messages  (On date: (12/3).   Link:  http://firstbaptistelyria.org/sermonaudio/   Below is a discussion by […]

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Trinity Aseity The word:  Aseity definitions are: Aseity | Definition of Aseity by Merriam-Webster https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/aseity Define aseity: the quality or state of being self-derived or self-originated; specifically : the absolute self-sufficiency, Aseity | Define Aseity at Dictionary.com http://www.dictionary.com/browse/aseity Aseity definition, existence originating from and having no source other than itself. See more. Below is a […]

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Isaiah 45:7  –  Question: Was evil a result of ‘sin’ (disobedience)? This is an academic type of scriptural study allowing you to develop your answer to that question by utilizing various sources here and other sources at your disposal. Isaiah 45:7 (ESV)   7  I form light and create darkness (H2822), I make well-being and create […]

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Bible Translations  – Interpret Words  The English Bible is a translation!  It is a result of much scholarly work and frequently by a committee of people used to select the best word(s) to fit the original language intent.  These translators have to make choices regarding meanings, and these are going to affect how you understand […]

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Reading The Bible

“Reading the Bible”  –  Question:  Why Read the Bible? Taken from the site address:  http://www.intouch.org/you/article-archive/content?topic=the_importance_of_scripture The Importance of Scripture – By Dr. Charles Stanley 2 Timothy 3:16-17 The truth of God’s Word applies to all men and women in every culture, in every age, in every walk of life. It is His supernatural manual that […]

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Principles of Hermeneutics

A Summary Of The Principles Of Hermeneutics “Biblical hermeneutics”is the study about how to study, understand, and interpret the Bible. Biblical hermeneutics is a very important topic for every Christian. The way a person understands Scripture will ultimately affect every aspect of his or her Christian life. Biblical hermeneutics describes the principles for properly interpreting […]

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Why Study the Bible?

Why Study The Bible? Questions that might come to mind are: Why study the Bible? What would its purpose be? What value do we give it? Is it hard? With these questions in mind let us examine ‘the Bible’. The Bible has survived centuries of time. It was written by different men verying in race, […]

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Wrong Way to Read the Bible

Wrong Way to Read the Bible By: Kevin Bauder Kevin T. Bauder – Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis – 900 Forestview Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55441 | 1-800-827-1043 | www.centralseminary.edu If the Bible is God’s Word, then why does it come to us as such an (apparently) random collection of diverse literature? In one […]

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